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Care Zone Deep Clean, Peeling Gel

Here is the Care Zone Deep Peeling Gel. I didn't know what peeling gel was until I used this. I've finally finished the product and thought I would give this a little review. I received this for Christmas, but a little search told me that it retails for $18.99 on Amazon. Not including the deep clearing solution. The wipes came as a set but, the individual product can also be bought.  The english on the amazon site is sooo strange!! 
"Unnecessary horny skin in citrus component you me rinse to clean the dirt in the pores" and " gently pushed out old keratin"

The product comes in a plastic 130ml tube and the liquid is pearl coloured.

Okay so, to use this product, your face needs to be bone dry, or it won't work. Apply the solution onto your face and gently rub in circles. Within seconds, you will feel your skin start to "shed". Okay, I was totally skeptical. I did it, and all these bits started to fall off my face.

At first, I thought it was jus…

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