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Mental Illnesses are Real

May was Mental Health Awareness Month! However, I’m only just getting to post this because I wasn’t sure how to get my feelings and thoughts down on paper. 
First of all, Mental Illness is very real. Depression, anxiety and all other forms can appear at any time, anywhere. Don’t judge others for what they are feeling, and don’t spread the hate. Sometimes those going through blips in their life just need a little reassurance that someone out there cares. 
Everyone suffers from these demons once in their lifetime, sometimes it’s there all the time.  It appears in all forms, and not everyone is the same. Not everyone has the same mental illness. Some folk aren’t even officially diagnosed by a doctor or seek help. Some use social media as an outlet, in the hopes that someone would listen and bring you back to you. 
I for one use the latter. Social media has been a great help to me and I have been able to talk to some like minded people, who bring me up and out of the depressive hole I can ge…

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