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Blogmas, Day 13: Favourite Winter Outfit

It's super cold, and we all have our "go to" outfits! One of the key things for me is finding something that is comfortable and warm. I hate feeling too cold, or even too hot! Korean winters get really cold, colder than in the UK! It's less wet though, and also less windy.
My go to winter coat is a padded one, I hate anything that's not padded in Winter. I find that it keeps me warmer for longer, and they mostly have huge pockets for my hands.

Usually, I wear thermals over my lingerie for extra warmth, followed by a long sleeved shirt and a sweater. My favourite winter sweater is my red and white "Where's Wally?" one. Followed by stretchy jeans. I hate normal jeans now, and only wear "one size" stretchy pants. What do you think about one size clothes?  My coat is padded with goose feathers and also has a huge hood. The hood comes to about 3 inches away from my face and zips up to cover my mouth. There's a wooly part inside which zips u…

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