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MiSkin Aloe Soothing Marine Eye Patch

My eyes need some TLC! I noticed that although I sheet mask a lot, my eyes get missed out. I don't use eye cream (I ought to, I'm getting wrinkles!), so thought this would be a great substitute as I love masking. This is the MiSkin Aloe Soothing Marine Eye Patch (30 sets). I can't find much information online, but was told that it was a great eye patch and a best seller (of course they would say that!). I bought it in a beauty store in Myeong Dong, Seoul for 10,000W (£7) on sale, but retails for 30,000W on their website! 

The eye patches are bright green and they have a gel like feeling to it. Each patch has tiny specs of gold flakes, which makes it look really cool! It's extremely slimy! The patches come in a round plastic tub, with a cover and also a little spatula to help you get them out. There's a slight sweet smell from the product and it is absolutely loaded with essence. The essence contains aloe vera and something marine (not sure what!!). It helps with s…

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