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Vietnam, Day 3 Exploring Marble Mountain, Lady Buddha And A Boat

Back to my Vietnam posts, although it's been a few weeks since I've been, I'm still trying to catch up with posts and vlogs. The great thing about blogs is that there is no deadline to write posts. So let's get right back to it, and start talking about day 3 in Vietnam.
The best thing about the hotel I stayed at was ffthey had private taxi's or tours for a really decent price. It was only $30 for a ride to see some sites. On this day, David and I took a private taxi to Marble Mountain and Lady Bhuddah.
At breakfast, we ate so much food. I'm not sure how we managed to fit it all in. I had the beef pho for breakfast, as well as fruit and also dessert which was some strawberry cake. It was a great way to start the day.
After breakfast, we ventured to Marble Mountain which took about an hour to get to from the hotel as it was in Da Nang. To start, the driver took us to a marble shop owned by his friend. I'm not a fan when they do this, as they obviously get a c…

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