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Eradicate Negativity! (My Story)

This is a different blog post than usual. Recent events has led me to write this post, and it’s not really a vent, but more closure for myself. Recently, I’ve been flicking through my ‘On this day’ feature on Facebook. As much as I love this feature, I hate it at the same time. It tends to show me comments from people I have cut out of my life. Recently, a few comments have popped up from a past negative person, we’ll name her ‘Gabby’ for the sake of her anonymity. I’m sure the people who know me, know who I am referring to anyways. 

This was one of the many comments that came up. I usually don’t click on the ‘comments’ part of the post. But recently I have! And on my usual updates about travel, or life, I would get a comment like this (above). I’ve come across 6 of these in the past 3 weeks. 
So let’s start from the beginning. Back in my university days, I lived with 4 other people in student accommodation. I made friends with two of them, as they were doing science things. One of them…

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