10 things I hate about myself

I was going to write 10 I liked about myself but I couldn't think of one. 

I hate:

1) How I'm a complete bitch, even to my closest friends 
2) The fact I'm childish and come out with weird things 
3) Being chinese. I should be proud, and I always say I don't care when people are racist, but deep down I really do care even when friends use the word "chinky" to describe a takeaway
4) Not being brainy and letting people down when I get bad grades
5) My height. Sometimes I wish I were tall. 
6) My fashion sense. I have none what so ever
7) Being insecure
8) Being a shitty friend
9) My weight. Sick of seeing the podge around my stomach and generally being a fat asian as some people would say
10) Being angry, annoying, starting arguments for no reason

I'm sorry for being such a lousy friend :[


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