Bad night's sleep!

Oh how bad was the sleep last night ><! Woke up about 4 times due to a very dry mouth. I have caught a cold. Well 3 of us in my flat have caught it at the same time! Most likely from the other 2 flatmates. What a bummer. I've just gotten over my cough that I had for a month too. 

As promised, here is the photo of my soup. 
All the soups I make go a green colour. Not sure why. It's supposed to be carrot and coriander. 

Christmas is coming! Was shopping last week and saw this :]! It's pretty awesome. I'm quite excited because they're starting to build Winter Wonderland. My sister is coming to visit me with her friend Sherry on the 14th December-16th. So I'm guessing we'll be heading ice skating! Only problem is, my exam is in the 15th! So most likely going to go out for a meal then and then head ice skating and wander around the stalls.

Saw this at one of the shops. I can't remember whether it was Jenners or Marks and Spencers. It was rubbish! Kinda of an anti-climax! The one at home is massive, called "Fenwicks Window".

I best get ready and tackle this dissertation. The deadline is 1 week today. Help?


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