Collection of food!

Just a little collection of food photo's I have since first year of university 2008.

One of the first meals I cooked while in halls. Not sure what it is. Some kind of beef and potato curry on white rice. 
The first lasagne I made in halls


Some sort of beef fillet on sweet potato mash, roasties and green beans. Oh and onion gravy.

Beef curry I think it was.


Chicken and chilli fried rice

Chicken and Noodle soup

Chicken ceaser salad


Meat free burger with cous cous and veg

Quorn mince and aubergine chilli on spaghetti 

Vegetable finger ciabatta

Stirfry on brown rice

Chicken noodle salad

Stirfry on brown rice! Lots of cabbage!

Fruit on pancakes

Sandwich :] and fruit! 

Chicken noodles

Homemade fish and chips!

Steak and roasties

Seafood omelette

Seafood paella

Vegetable cous cous

Chicken and tomato cous cous


Vegetable fingers on ciabatta with tonnes of spinach

Chilli con quorn

Stir fry on shirataki noodles

Vegetable finger wrap 

Feeling a bit hungry now!


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