Exams are coming up. Dissertation needs to be finished and handed in. Procrastination is taking over. Good enough reasons to get rid of social networking sites until the 15th December? Yes I think so. 
Facebook has been deactivated and Twitter has been deleted. 
I couldn't be bothered with twitter. There are some nasty people on there. Especially ones who have a go at you for your opinions and for what you tweet. There are also many nice people who I will dearly miss. I have also set a goal. From tomorrow, if I don't eat healthily and stop binge eating, I cannot reactivate facebook. Done deal.

I made carrot and coriander soup today. It wasn't half bad. Next time I shall add more coriander. Photo's will be up in the next post.

I've been angry a lot lately. Getting annoyed over very silly things. I think it might be stress. But who knows. Hopefully the people who still love me for the way I am even when I'm in the worst of moods will come back. After all, if you can't handle me at my worst then you sure don't deserve me at my best.

For now, I must sleep. It's 12:21. Tired.

You're amazing, just the way you are <3 


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