Food Food Food!

Since I am blogging about my student life. I reckon you should know what we students eat on a daily basis. Be warned. It aint healthy!

Cocoa Pops for breakfast. Tesco's has this deal right now. It's the Kellogs variety packs for kids. It's buy 1 get 2 free! £1.99! Bargain.

This is my dinner. Uhm Not the healthiest. Not the worst either. Asda Smart price ravioli (I know shush, I couldn't be bothered to cook!) with Birds eye steamed bag veggies! 

For lunch I had cous cous with a tiny bit of stock and a bag of Birds eye steamed bag veggies mixed in.

Then for snacks...I had 3 boxes of the variety cereal. Frosties/Cornflakes/Rice Krispy shapes dry!

And also had a pear and 2 bowls of crunchy nut and a box of rice krispies

Like I said. Not the healthiest of diets hahaha...

I went shopping yesterday. I spent over £80!! Although that isn't too bad because I don't shop for luxuries every week. I got a new coat which I adore from h&m! A Stripy cardy, t shirt from Urban Outfitters, boots, starbucks, jelly beans! And blah probs a lot more but can't remember right now.

Revision started today as well! I made a revision time table and so far doing well. I 4 topics out of 5. Got too tired to carry on. Spent 12-5pm in the library! 


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