I made another batch of carrot and coriander soup today. This time I added a lot more coriander because I adore the taste of it. Especially in curries. I'm sure if I add a bit of curry powder into the soup, it'd turn into a carrot curry...but blended. Not going to try. 
I also attempted to make a childhood favourite dish. It's called "Jook" in Cantonese. My Grandma used to make me it everytime I was ill. It's a great comfort food. As always, here is a photo :]
It's basically a bowl of watered down rice. As you know Chinese people eat a tonne of rice. Usually it's made with left over rice from dinner. And it's boiled with a lot of water. Usually with chicken stock. Traditionally they would use the carcass of some animal to make the stock. I used vegetable stock :]! I also added chilli's, green onions and white pollock fish. I used around 75g of rice, and about 2 litres of water and boiled for around two hours until really soft. It didn't go the way I wanted it so will try it again. 
Great comfort food!


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