I haven't blogged about results from uni yet! Time to do so I think, although I am still waiting on some more results which will probably take ageeees!

Dissertation and Statistics

Statistics (50%): 
-Test 1 (10%): 90%
-Test 2 (10%): 100%
-Test 3 (30%): 55%

Total: 35.65

Dissertation (50%):
Still waiting. Hopefully, if I pass (You have to get 40%) I will pass the whole module. Hopefully, praying to god (literally) that I will do great in this.  

Freshwater Biology

40% of module:
Report (60%): To be announced
Identification test (40%): 100% 

60% of module:
Exam: Not sat it yet :S!

Population Community Ecology

Continuous assessment (60%):
Spot test (10%): 85%
Performance on field trip (10%): Still Waiting
Presentation (10%): Still Waiting
Report (30%): Still Waiting

Exam (40%): Haven't sat it yet :S


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