Walking in a winter wonderland!

A heap of snow fell from the sky! It looks absolutely beautiful when it's untouched by humans :). I could stare out and watch all day long. Especially as they fall and settle on the branches of trees. 
Don't you agree? Wonderful? Yes? You can see my university in the background too. 
The university was closed today. Kind of shows how much of a stand still snow causes. Kind of wished the library was open because I have done absolutely no revision today. 
 I had no motivation and even fell asleep. 
Helina and I decided to trek the 2 miles down to the German Market on Saturday, the snow was lovely :) 
Here are a few photo's, words can't describe it :)

Helina and I in the winter sun!
View of Edinburgh Castle from the graveyard. Oh and me.

The beautiful Meadows!

Arthur's Seat! Look at the fog!

Came across this awesome snowman on the links!

The fog appear so suddenly!
Had some fun on Lina's photobooth malarky. Procrastining like usual

Someone built an igloo!

Someone built a bear thing. And it's bum. Oh lah lah! Enjoying myself too much.

Rosalind Franklin! and I :)

Yes. Lina threw snowballs at me. One it me square between the eyes. 

I've enjoyed the snow. I hope it will be gone by the 18th so I can make my way home :(! Would be gutted if I was stranded. 



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