Boxing Day

To tell you the truth. My Christmas was the worst Christmas period. It didn't feel like Christmas. My presents were rubbish. Christmas dinner was rubbish. Arguments occurred. I hate spending Christmas with other people's family. The past 3 years we haven't had Christmas in our own home but at some one else's and every year there has been arguments and nothing is right. So Christmas in my eyes is stupid. I am adamant to have Christmas at home next year, where it's just the mother and sister. I really hated this Christmas and quite upset by the fact it was so rubbish. I can actually cry about it because it just wasn't Christmas. Just another day. As per usual, here are photo's of food and the likes. 

Every year it's the same. Same starter. Same dry meat and overly boiled veg and cake. 

I did however get a lovely present of the mother. She bought me a camera. And the other good present was a Holister hoody.
 I received pajamas that were size 16-18...I'm a size 10.
Pasta and a jar of chilli's I think. Uhm. Received this as a present. =\

Really had a bad Christmas. I hope New Year is better. 

K x


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