Cancelled exam!

Since the snow has been causing travelling problems, our exams for this week are cancelled, including mine for Population and Community Ecology! I'm think Edinburgh Napier have done the right thing by cancelling them. Yes we have wasted time revising a topic we shall not be sitting, however at the end of the day, you're paying for your course, it would be a waste to not learn anything. Our exam will be made into an alternative exam, could be an open book, could be an online test, could be an essay. Who knows. But either way at least you are still being graded on the work you do. A lot of people need to take chill pills getting all worked up and angry because Edinburgh Napier have took so long to decide. It doesn't take one person click their fingers and say it's cancelled. A lot of rescheduling needs to be done. They are doing their best, it's not in their interest to rearrange exams. Imagine how hard that would be? To reschedule 116 examinations. 

Anyways, I just hope the snow will disappear by the 18th. Because I need to get home for the Christmas holidays. I don't want to be delayed and stay stuck on a train for 6 hours. I'd be too afraid to use the toilet (because they smell and have pee all over them). 

Results update:
Worth 50%:
I.D test (40%): 100%
Report (60%): Not got it back yet

Exam (50%): Not sat it yet

Population and Community Ecology
Spot Test (10%): 85%
Performance (10%): 75%
Presentations (10%): 69%
Report (30%): (STILL WAITING! :@)
Exam: Haven't sat it yet

Dissertation and Statistics:
Statistics (50%): 
Test 1 (10%): 90%
Test 2 (10%): 100%
Test 3 (30%): 53%

Dissertation (50%): Still waiting

Hopefully will get the rest soon =\! Teresa Ferendes is useless! She hasn't given us out report marks and it's been 1 month and a week! She won't even reply our emails asking about it, but will happily reply about exams. Well why can't she just admit she hasn't marked them? I mean I emailed another module leader, and he replied back saying he is still marking his reports, why can't she just admit she hasn't? ><!

Anyways, Enough for now! Procrastinating!

K x


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