Christmas Eve!

Santa is coming :)! Don't forget to leave him milks and cookies :)!
Decided to bake a cake for desert tomorrow, then Norman comes around and tells me he bought 4 cakes! He's diabetic, why does he need 4? Hahaha! 
I decided to have a go at baking an orange chocolate cake :) 
Gloop! It's smelt absolutely amazing, freshly squeezed orange juice! 

Into the cake "tin"! 

Looks like a huge brownie

Here comes the chocolate butter icing

Finished product!

It tasted amazing! Looking forward to Christmas dinner tomorrow, apparently there's enough food to feed an army...oh dear, time to stuff my face :)! Especially with sprouts, I adore sprouts!
Might update in Christmas evening :)

Have a nice christmas! 



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