Finally! No more exam stress. I don't have to revise anymore. I can sleep in and do as I please :). I'm not sure how I've done in the exams. Basically, I really wanted to do well. I could answer all the questions they gave. I had to chose 3 out of 6 questions and they were all 100 mark questions. I'm not sure I answered them in much detail. I really wish I were good in exams. And secretly (I know I say this every year), but I really think I have done bad and I mean it this time. Every other year I say it, I just say it to kinda make myself feel better when I do pass. I'm really worried because it's an important year. 

On a better note, I'm not going home on the 18th! I'm going home tomorrow :) 16th!

I can't wait to see my dog :) and the mother of course!

My sister has come to visit me from Cambridge with her friend. Kinda cool, but I really want my own bed =\! Try out my new electric blanket before I head home. 

Ciao x


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