Had a pretty awesome day. Started it watching Spirited Away =) Absolutely adore that anime! Sadly not many people share the same pleasure though.  

Started the day with porridge =) and home made jam! I love home made jam.

Lunch was carrot and coriander soup...my presentation skills and photography is rubbish!

And for dinner, spaghetti bolognese! Pure heaven. 

The tea I drink!

I've been addicted to green tea recently. Well I've always loved green tea, only the ones which you brew from the leaves. None of that Twinnings rubbish. Used to drink it by the gallon while dining in a chinese restaurant.

Look at this cute tea set from BHS. It's Jasmine tea! But with a flower. You plop the ball into hot water, and it opens up, brewing a delicious tea. 

Christmas is almost here =) counting down the days since I don't have an advent calender. I'm hoping I get a camera! Then I can use it instead of my Blackberry. Although the camera on it isn't too bad, shame there's no flash. Bought myself a new diary too, ready for the new year! 
It's Simon the cat! I adore this cartoon. I was introduced it from a friend, and it's the cutest cat ever. 

Found this in a store! =) nom nom! It actually made my day!

K x


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