Hello :)
I am home for the Christmas holiday and I am loving it. It's really good to be home! Especially with the stress of uni life, you'd think it'd be simple having independence. Home isn't all that great, arguments, and the sibling being an utter b**ch! And she has no manners! About a minute ago she just said "Switch on the socket" with no please! No matter who you are speaking to, you should still say your please and thank you!

Also being home, I get to cook more, because I don't have to pay for the ingredients :)! 
Here is what I had today!

Carrot and Coriander soup! 
Ingredients: Lots of carrots. 1 whole onions. Coriander. Boil then Blitzzzz!

Red Thai Curry with brown rice

Christmas is not so far away now. Only 5 days, I'm really excited. not too excited for receiving presents, but more for others opening the ones I give them. Not too keen on Christmas dinner. We're having turkey, which is the most boring meat! 

I like presents, and seeing who knows me the most with what they get me. So far this year, the worst present is a slanket and pink furry pajamas...! Would I use them? Hell no! Who wears furry pajamas? ><! Awful!

Last picture :)

Goodbye :)
K x


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