Hey guys! It's the January sales! Only problem? I have zero money. Well I do have some money, but that's going on my bus pass which I need to get for next semester =\! I really want this too. 
Maybe I'll wait until I get to the Jack Wills shop in Edinburgh. I wanted the one from Superdry too! But this one is much cheaper :) The other is around £94 and clearly I don't have that =(!

Guess who's pile this is?! Lucky sod. My mothers! And here is mine...
Aha...3 presents! The bottom was from my neighbor, some smellies. Middle from my mother and the top my sister :)!
Guess the little amount of presents to open is okay since I got this awesome camera :)! Adore it, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures! I kinda wish I had some stockin' fillers because I love opening presents! Don't care what they are even if it is mini cans of deodorant or socks! 
Attempted to make chicken kiev! But the breadcrumbs when a little bit soggy. However the garlic powered through quite a bit. Well okay. A lot! 

Cheeeeeesy pasta! First time making this and it was really good. The recipe asked for 4oz of cheese. I only had 3oz! It tasted fine. Made it again for lunch today for the family, and added the 4oz and it was way too cheesy! 

Not much will be happening for the next few days. Gonna be vegging on the sofa like I have done for the past 3 days until New Year! Making some resolutions later tonight and I shall be sharing. I aim to have about 10 things! New Years eve should be good, going to my Aunt's pub which can be visited here http://pubfoodnewcastle.co.uk/
It's not too bad of a pub. They rented out the kitchen to do a takeaway service but now they run it. They're doing a buffet and disco. I got told I get to go for free, along with the sister, so going to be bringing a few friends (They have to pay sadly)...and celebrate the new year with a big bang :)!

Guess that's all for now.

K x


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