Snow went bye bye!

The snow has gone! I don't mind the snow actually. What I do mind is the ice. Ya know, I am fragile! :)! I haven't slipped yet though. They've dug up the ice around my area, but everything is melting, it's gonna turn into a large swimming pool!

I got another result back. Not too pleased. I was hoping to get slightly higher but once I read the comments I agreed with the mark. Actually he should have gave me lower! My conclusion didn't match with the results. My methodology was in future tense and not in past tense. I am such a plonker! Since year 7 they have always said, remember to write the methodology in past tense and I did the complete opposite. But the thing is...I know it's supposed to be in past tense. Ugh.

I am obviously wanting a 1st. But then again who isn't? People who aim for something should aim for the highest possible grade. But at the end of the day if you don't get that you feel pretty bummed out.

Anyways here's the grade update...not that you need to know. Oh and I've had the break down of modules all wrong before hand.

Coursework (40%)
ID Test (10%) 100%
Report (30%) 63%

So I think that gives me 28.9% overall. To get a first I need to get around 70% in my exam...which I cannot do ><! But I shall give it my best shot! I just want to prove people wrong. By getting a first I can shove it into people's faces. Well the people who have always knocked me down..aka old school teachers (I bloody HATE you well most of you).



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