Blood Donation and Illegal Jack review!

Hello :)!
Today has been a very successful day. I gave blood. I keep going on about it I know, but it's made me so happy. The happiest I have felt in days. I don't know why. Maybe it's the thought of helping someone who is needs the pint of blood more than I do. I was so afraid that they would turn me away because when I was 17, I went to the Blood centre in Newcastle and they didn't want to do it because 1. I had small veins and they couldn't find a suitable one and 2. I was scared and they thought prodding my arm with a big needle would make me freak out. But thankfully this time I stayed positive. I was scared. But I didn't want to show it, just in case. 
They obviously had to prick my finger to test my iron levels, and when she did that a whole load of blood squirted out. 
Decided to take a sneaky picture of the equipment while I was waiting for the nurse to test my iron levels. 

The whole experience of giving blood was cool! I know that's such a weird thing to say. The needle was massive. I didn't look when she inserted it, but boy could I feel it. The small sample bag filled up quickly. Then she turned something to let the blood flow into the main bag, and my arm hurt, but it was tolerable. I'm just so happy I could fill a whole bag and hopefully, when tested it can go on to save someone's life. 

After the blood donation, I went to Illegal Jacks, a south west grill, tex-mex place to fuel up. I ended up getting the £5 meal deal. A burrito with a drink.

I love how they gave me a paper bag instead of plastic ones so it's much friendlier to the planet! Sadly I didn't recycle...I should have. Nevermind.
Looking a bit wet. Stupid rain, but enjoying my Illegal Jack's burrito in Burger King! :D! Naughty me. 

Here's my friend Rachel scoffing a Burger King Cheese burger!

My lovely Burrito! :)! I ordered Chicken with Spanish rice, Black Beans, Mild Salsa with no cheese and it was delicious It definitely beats Subway! 
They really don't skim in the portions. The price is definitely fantastic for what you get. I only managed to eat half of the burrito because it was that big, and they said it was smaller than the normal burrito! I ate the other half at home. Sadly, I left it in my bag rewrapped and all the juices ran into my new bag :( ruining it!

I guess this wasn't really a review. I would definitely order from there again. The food is filling. The inside deco is brilliant, nice and simple, not over the top like some places I know. I'm considering having my 21st birthday dinner there. Looking at their menu, you could order a main meal and a drink for under £10! 

Check out their website and follow them on twitter!

Don't forget, if you are visiting Edinburgh, go there for a spot of lunch or even better dinner!

Kelly x


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