Illegal Jack Sunday 3!

Once again, I've been craving for an Illegal Jack's burrito for a week. This time I ordered something different in my burrito. I got a burrito with beef, spanish rice, Monterey Jack cheese, pinto beans, mild salsa and jalepenos. It was amazing. I think I'll get it with chicken next time, it's easier to eat :)! Total cost: £5.30 including a drink!
If I were rich, I'd go to Illegal Jack's EVERY Sunday! I prefer it to Nando's. It fills me up a lot more. Next time I might go for the taco's or the Quesadilla or maybe the nachos! 

Not sure why I took a photo of their sign. I guess it helps you guys who aren't from Edinburgh look out for it. It's worth a go! Lunch deal clearly shown on their window! Perfection. 
All made on the premises apparently. I should ask for a tour of their kitchen. But I totally believe every word! The staff there are friendly. 
My close friend+flat mate holding up her Illegal Jacks bag carrying the delicate burrito ;) while filling her cup with Coca Cola! Paper bag! Here's the environmental side coming from me...MUCH BETTER THAN PLASTIC! It's biodegradable and can possibly be recycled. Although trees had to be cut down for it, but it's better than having plastic stuck in the ground for centuries. Well done Jack!
This is huge. I opened up the tin foil. Shouldn't have because it started leaking! 
There goes the 3rd bite or maybe the 4th. Bah who knows....the first bite showed nothing. 
My friends burrito :D! Chicken with spanish rice, pinto beans, mild salsa, Montery Jack cheese, guacamole! £5.50! 
I look like a right idiot. But the burrito makes it a better picture :D

She had what...a mouthful left?! And complained it started to become spicy :P! 
Much cleaner than last week. I aim to eat a burrito without spilling a drop!

Now for something totally off topic...
Do I look stupid in glasses?! This pair is wonky because my mum's fiance sat on them 3 years ago. I'm getting new ones this week! So need advice :)

Bon appetite!


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