At last my results are in! Been waiting a long time for these. I've done well. I could push myself harder to get a little bit higher, but I guess everyone can if they pushed. 
Sadly you can't read them. They're too small! Oh well. 

Went to Illegal Jacks again on Sunday. I think I'm becoming an Illegal Jackoholic! Nom Nom. I got a burrito again. This time I got chicken, black beans, spanish rice, HOT salsa, jalepenos and cheese. My mouth was burning. The salsa was a little bit runny so when I ate it, it was messy. I had to use a knife and fork in the end...blasphemy! 
Regular burrito with Coca Cola! £5 score!

Look at the mess. And look at my friend's neat and tidy burrito. *Sad Times*

Yeah. It kinda got a bit murdered. 

Chicken salad wraps! 

Mmm :) 

Anyways, now that result are in, I can now concentrate on my other modules. >< Time to read. 



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