San Leen Fai Lock!

Happy New Year!
Hello. Well I was going to update a proper post on the 1st. But I really couldn't be bothered. You know when you get that feeling?! I did start the year with a bang. I wasn't going to do anything, but saw my Aunt on Christmas day and she said there's is a New Year's event at her pub, The Windsor. My sister, friends and I went. It included a buffet, disco, fireworks and FREE Champagne! They had loads! 
Not sure why I like this picture. Maybe it's just the lighting. But yet, here is a personal Happy New year :)! Hope you all had a good Hogmanay! 

I saw my Grandma Yuen :)! I call her por por! Ya know, I've always said through my teenage years that I didn't like her. But how can I not like her when she was the one that looked after me the most before my mother left my dad. She did used to hit me with bamboo sticks though and she yelled a lot. But now she's really quiet and cute. She has arthritis in her hands, arms and legs =\ so is in pain most of the time! :( Love you por por!

This was us that night. Uhm yes. Can you tell my sister and I had a little bit too much?! Look at our faces! Shiny and red. Although I wasn't as red as usual. Shock horror, I even drank champagne, and I hate the stuff!

As you can see from my previous posts, I'm starting a photo a day! I forgot to post it on here yesterday, but I did post it on Facebook so proves I did upload it somewhere on that day :)! Hopefully this will last, because it will be a load of memories! 

Thanks for reading. 


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