Bone Marrow

It's finally time to announce that I am going to join the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register. A lot of people have warned me saying "It's painful", "they use a cork screw"..etc. I don't understand why some people say it as if I don't know already? Also, pain when donating is a myth and even if it did hurt, it won't stop me from donating my bone marrow. In my opinion, the person who is going to be on the receiving end is going through much more pain than I will be going through. 

My saliva tissue kit has arrived, I got a wee bit excited to being one step closer to help save someone's life. 

My salvia sample :) 28.02.2011 10:13pm! 

I don't know what made me want to sign up to the register. I guess I like the feeling of helping someone. It's not just happiness you feel. I can't explain the feeling. It's like when I went to give blood, the feeling you get afterwards is like a hole being filled somewhere. Also the fact I am Chinese made me want to donate more because they need more donors from my race (I think!!)

Well fingers crossed my tissue sample is fine, and I can join the list!



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