day 26- list 10 things that you are thankful for

1. My parents. My mother especially. She tries hard to make sure I have a good life. She is not rich. She's more on the poor end of the scale. She has 2 jobs. And she tries her hardest to get my sister and I things, and tries to help us when we're stuck. We may argue from time to time, but I swear it's a sign of affection :)!
My father on the other hand. I am thankful for him being back in my life although not completely. He gives me money each month which I am thankful for, but it doesn't replace the father-daughter bond. Thankful for both of them in my life because many people don't have parents. And many have had one of them pass away. If you have both parents or even one, cherish them. 

2. My sister. Enough said right? She's always there for me. And we do have a little gossiping session about people we know from time to time. We are close, but not too close. We keep things to ourselves, but there are times when we just open up to each other and have a good old chat. I adore her. Thankful for her being in my life!

3. A chance to go to university. I know a lot of people go to university now. But there was a chance I wouldn't have made it. I got B,E,E in my grades. Newcastle Uni asked for C,C,C. I was well off so I didn't get in. My second choice, Edinburgh Napier asked for 160 ucas points between 2 subjects. I only got 140 between two! My deputy head had to call them up, and they had to speak to my science teacher. He was in Marks and Spencers at the time. And he spoke to them for me.

4. Friends. I am an odd ball. I don't tend to follow trends, I eat weird foods, I say weird things...My friends that stick around for who I am are the true friends. 

5. The roof on top of my head and having people who will look after me if I don't. Lots of people in this world have no homes. They live in slums, on the streets..etc. I'm very lucky and thankful. 

6. Food! Again. How many people in this world are suffering from world hunger?! All those countries with famine and chronic persistent hunger? I know lots of people who complain about the food they eat including myself but imagine what those people would give just to taste what we have? 

7. Having the opportunity to volunteer at the Dove Marine Centre in Newcastle where I worked with children, and helping them with learning about the sea and Aberdeen Oceanlab where I digitalised photo's they took on expeditions. It wasn't much. And there was no lab work involved. But I enjoyed them non-the less. I hope to find more places to volunteer at :)

8. Having legs! If I didn't I wouldn't be able to run for Scope in September! Or run in general. I suck at running. I have no motivation. But I am so thankful that I have legs, because I can try. 

9. Being Born. Enough said right?

10. My wee woof woof! I have a lot to say about this wee lassy. But I won't because I'll get a bit soppy. I think she loves me too. Because when she sees my suitcase, she doesn't talk to me because she knows I'm leaving! Sad times :(


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