The Elephant House Review

Another informal review. I went to The Elephant House with a friend today. I've been in Edinburgh for 3 years and always walk past this tea and coffee shop. It looks lovely from the outside. Better yet, it's the birthplace of Harry Potter! J.K Rowling wrote her early novels. I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. Not just the films, the books well (Yes I read =3) so it was quite delightful visiting a place where the author started writing them. 
The tea and coffee shop is situated on George IV Bridge. As you can see walking up to it. 
Walking past this place always make you turn your head! It looks lovely from the outside. Everytime I walk past it is packed! And the queue is horrendous so it must be a decent place!

Official. Birth place of Harry Potter. I like how they have this on their window as it would attract tourists. Not that they need to. It's so busy I'm sure they are minted! Above this sign is a picture of J.K Rowling sitting on one of the tables writing and a little story to go with it. 
View from the counter. Not so busy as when I walk past around lunch time. 

Selection of cakes! The rocky road took my fancy!
View from the table. You can't see it, but there is a little webcam on top of the door. Personally I think it is creepy and they should warn you that you are being shown to the world wide web. I found the link to it. I bet most of the customers don't know they are being watched? 
The table was dirty also. I watched the lady take away the plates. But she never wiped the table. When I sat on the table, I expected her to come back and ask whether she could wipe the table. There was also a dirty knife on it. 

My friend getting ready to sit down =3 I caught her by suprise! 

Waiting for our food! 

Drinking my Jasmine tea :) 

I ordered the soup of the day! I think it was tomato and lentil. The lady wasn't clear when she said it. It was delicious! I hate lentils, but the soup was good! There were two sizes, I ordered small. I dread to think what the large size would be like? Huge I reckon :)

My friend ordered the baked potato with chilli. The problem with this is that the skin was burnt. As you can see in the photo. It was rock solid! 

My friend ordered a brownie! Not the cheapest mind, but it's a generous portion! 

They also have merchandise :) I think they're around £15. I may buy one when I have the money to! I want the one which says "birth place of Harry Potter" 

Just messing about outside the shop. 

Heh. :)

Although the service was pretty slow and that the staff didn't clean the tables or smile. The food was rather enjoyable and what makes everything better?! The toilet seat. Yes. The toilet seat. Ready for it?
Heh! Imagine sitting on Bellatrix Lestrange and Malfoy?! Or better yet Umbridge and Victor Krum. I don't fancy sitting on Dumbledore though do you? 

I would definitely visit again to give the place a second opinion. I reckon you guys you go :)!

Bon appetite! 


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