Here goes the 30 days of blogging!

Day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Goofy picture of my new hair do!

15 Interesting Facts!

1. I am an organ donor
2. I am a blood donor
3. I think that Haley Williams is a fit lady
4. I like to read! (Many people hate reading so I guess this is sorta interesting)
5. I like to eat porridge made with water! (ew milky porridge!)
6. I used to Kick box
7. I think that Patrick Dempsey is a fit man (Not that interesting :P)
8. I like to write instead of typing
9. I fail at baking
10. I'm Chinese but British
11. I'm a big procrastinator! (Supposed to be doing work right now...)
12. I used to have copper-orange hair
13. I find ginger-men hot (well some)
14. I have an open water cert for diving (not dived since!)
15. I'm afraid of the open deep water hence the not diving since...seen too many scary video's and heard too many scary stories

That was rather hard. 
Now enough procrastination...:(


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