Illegal Jacks...again!

This is such a late entry. Had another Illegal Jacks on the 8th even though I'm totally skint! Had to. It was needed. Finished Toxicology at 6. By the time we arrived on Lothian Road, we we're feeling sick with hunger.
It was dinner time, so we sat in and ordered a normal sized burrito. When it came it wasn't normal at all. It was huge!  
See the size of that beast?!
Ehehe, she's gonna kill me. But look at her shocked face :D! 
It's bigger than her head!

I'm almost half way and she's only just at the beginning ahaaa :)
I got a haggis burritooooo :) It was the best thing that ever entered the land of my stomach! I swear! Go get one! If you're mexican, go get one, have a bit of your home and scotland :D! 
I've been defeated! 

I can't remember how much it was. But it was so totally worth it! I know it was less than £7! 
Please, if you come to Edinburgh, go to Illegal Jacks on Lothian Road! 
Follow them on twitter @illegaljacks

I think I'm definitely a Jackaholic :D time to buy the t-shirt! 


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