Little update

Chinese new year was awesome :)! I finally celebrated it. I never do, unless I get dragged out by family. And usually my celebration consists of going into China Town, Newcastle on the Sunday and watching the performances and the dragon dances. I haven't been to one in 3 years. 
I celebrated with some awesome friends. I'm glad they came because they totally made my night. I also don't usually organise outings but apparently it was good, so I'm pretty pleased.
We went to a restaurant called "Saigon Saigon" in Edinburgh, St Andrews street. 
We ordered so much food! Bill came to £160 odd :D!

Har Gow. My favourite dumplings!

Char Sui Bao-Oh these are so good. I left one. Forgot to take it home!

Not sure the name of it in chinese. I know the pork version is "Yuk Si Chow Mein" 

Sui mai-Also my fave dumplings

Yeah. We didn't eat it all :) Some of it was put into cartons and taken home. 

I got new glasses today! It was rather expensive. I can't believe they charge £104 for anti-glare. 

Oh and nom.
Baked potato with coronation chicken and a side salad :)

K x


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