You know when you get to the stage where you just want to go home, just for a day or two? I feel like that right now, but there isn't any point in visiting home just yet. Not until exams are over. 21st April ><! I can't wait! Think I'll go home for a week or two. Or longer, try and get a part time job. If all else fails, work for my Aunt's takeaway for a bit to earn some dosh. 
I always get like this around exam time. Someone I know reminded me exams are in 2 and a half weeks time. Scared. Haven't done proper revision yet. What if I fail =\? 
I wish I were a child again, remember how simple it was? Now I'm an adult, who needs to grow up. I haven't done that yet and really wish I'd hurry up and do so. 
I don't help myself either in the growing up process. I do things and say things which shouldn't be said. 
Probably hate myself more than ever right now. Blah. 


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