A jolly good day :)

I think today has been the best day I have had in weeks! Lots of laughing and just general banter! I loved today :). Even though the wife and I were extremely tired. Her moreso than me.
I spent a canny few dosh like. Spent lots of money even. Lets see...todays's purchases include (Not that you need to know!)
1. Green Fat Face Gilet £65
2. Mantaray purse £17.50
3. 2 cupcake £3
4. Triple Chicken Sandwich £2.50
5. The Lovely Bones DVD £5
6. Costa £3
7. Illegal Jacks £9.05
Total= £105! 
Shweeeeet ♥

I don't go shopping very often, so it's not such a big deal spending this much, I do feel guilty, but I wanted to treat myself and I did. Retail therapy really does work!
In the evening, I went to Illegal Jacks again =) with the Wife and Theo. Hm. I tweeted this, and @illegaljack booked us a table. I thought he would have put "Reserved for Starrynightxo" Nope. This is what they put:

The Wife and Theo! ;)

Mhm, we laughed...! Oh dear! :)
I look way too tired and weird! 

Tonight I tried something different, and got a chicken quesadilla! Or "Quad-Sa-Dilla" as I would say. It was nice. It had chicken, pintobeans and cheese =]! Served with guacamole, sour cream and hot salsa! This baby was messy!! And I forgot it had just been grilled, and bite right into it, BURN!

Nom Nom good munch this is!

There is this cute bakery near Rose Street, Edinburgh. It's called Bibi's bakery, here's the web address: http://bibisbakery.co.uk/! Apparently it has been there since November! I have never noticed it, maybe it's the cute new decor. One cupcake is £1.50! It's decorated beautifully! I bought two. I had Chilli and Chocolate and Carrot Cake! They were amazing. Sadly I forgot to take photo's, except for this one...rather smooshed! 

Poor cupcake! It had so many walnuts in this!

Anyways, I shall end with a photo of most of my purchases =]


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