Self diagnosed problem!

A lot of people I know will know about my deformity. My crooked, wonky, arched finger! I started searching things like, arched finger and what do you know? Some photo's look like my finger! Here's what my right pinky finger looks like. 

I only noticed this deformity when I started secondary school, when I started to learn recorder. I never noticed it before. I went to my GP and he just said to stretch it and do finger exercises which I did. He told me to go back if it doesn't improve and I just forgot to. I did do the exercises for a few months, but it didn't do anything. 
The internet diagnosed me with Boutonniere finger deformity! 
Apparently it's "A boutonniere deformity is a complex imbalance between the flexor and extensor mechanisms of the finger, the middle finger joint is bent too much and the joint near the nail is not bending at all."

The cure if hand therapy! So maybe the first GP was correct. I'm thinking of going back to the GP after exams to try get it straightened. The more I think about my finger, the more frustrated I get. Not because I don't like the look of it. But more so because i want to straighten my finger. It feels weird when I try to. Quite uncomfortable. And rather frustrating! It's like trying to untie a knot, but not being able to! 

I can straighten it if I force it with my other hand! For example. 
There's still quite a big lump at the top, but nevertheless, it's straight!

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