Tips for dating from Mulan's perspective

1. Don't talk about yourself, make sure you try have some interest in the other person
2. Smile
3. Make her laugh
4. Offer to pay for the girl. Most girls think you are cheap if you don't and find it very offensive
5. Walk her home, make sure she gets on the bus safely
6. Do not Hi 5 the girl at the door!!! (For you Rach!)
7. Hug the girl goodbye
8. Do not say I love you until you mean it. Not even a heart. People should not throw the word love around. 
9. No Belching, farting...the likes.
10. Don't talk about past relationships
11. Don't make stupid jokes
12. Take initiative. Most girls are old fashioned and like it when the guy takes initiative
13. Smell nice!
14. Always let the girl win, even if you don't agree
15. If she is cold, offer her your jacket
16. Flirt
17. Don't always wait for the girl to ask you out on a date.


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