One down two to go!

Boom! Finished one exam. Not really sure how I feel about it. Not too confident as per. I don't think I have failed. But don't think I would have got more than 60% either. Mind blank! Can't really do much about it now until result day! Just another two more exams to go. One is this Thursday. And the other next Thursday! >_<" Stress!
I also received two lab reports back :)! One for this soil microbe malark, 70%! But it's only worth 10% of the overall grade. And the other was the estuary thing, 60.5%. Could be better. But not dwelling. I think Marine biology is the worst module I've taken! It's worth 40% of the module. I think...So if I scape a pass at 30% I'll get 40% overall...sucky. There is no way I can get a first either. I need over 80%! Boo!
Hoping I'll get at least 1 first. But it's not very likely. Oh well.


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