Review: Rocket Cafe

I went to Rocket for lunch today! It's been a while since I've reviewed something. And it's always been Illegal Jacks, which I am getting slightly bored of now. Rocket is a lovely little cafe/deli situated in Morningside, on Morningside Road on the corner of Churchhill Theatre. I used to live further down the road, and walked passed it almost everyday, now I live opposite and I just had to try this place out! Also a few friends have been hyping over this place! 
Today, I ordered a Rocket Sub. It consisted of: Toasted brown bread, lettuce, chicken, brie, bacon, cranberry sauce. It also came with a side order of crisps and coleslaw. 
The prices aren't too bad. There is a big difference between sit in and take-out menus. Sit in is £5.25 for the sandwich and the sides. However take-out is £3.95. I bought can of Lemon Sanpellegrino too and it came to £5.05. Being the cheap student that I am, I would definitely opt to take-out than sit in.  

The sides came in a little white pot which I was pretty please with. Simple minds :)

Here's a close up of the sandwich. Gutted I never got the filling in this photo, but believe me, it was a real good heart sandwich!

A little peek of what was inside the pot! I think the crisps were the brand "Real". I saw the lady take them into the back, so I reckon thye were. The coleslaw was nice, creamy and crunchy! :)

Just thought I'd add in the 100% recycled tissue =) Not sure why. Just thought's very green!

I'm definitely going to be visiting this place again, since I live directly opposite! There is a massive choice of food! They even sell quesadillas and burritos! There is a big choice of sandwich options and also coffee and cakes. I think they sell bagels too! Along with baked potato and other things! 

As of now, I don't think they have an official facebook page or twitter. They may soon, as these two social networking sites are pretty popular. 
Here's a link to their website.

Hopefully my next experience there will be equally as good!

Bon appetite! 


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