5 months of summer :)!
I have no idea what to do for the rest of these 5 months. I really should get a job. But I am so lazy. Will see what happens. I plan on going home to Newcastle for 2 weeks from the 3rd May-17th :)! Going to be celebrating my mother's birthday, think I'll take her out for a meal and then the cinema, and just chill out and spend some time with her. Oh and my dog. 
Then I'll be back in Edinburgh for 17 days :) then I shall be off to Liverpool! Then back to Newcastle on the 6th for a few days or weeks. Then to Edinburgh. That's when I'll look for somewhere to work. =]!

 That's my plan for the summer. I feel a bit rubbish because I'm not doing any volunteer work. But maybe I'll try see if there are any openings at Deep Sea World =] I guess that's a start. 

That is all,



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