Wannaburger Review

So once again, another food blog :)! A friend @Eselsi invited me out to the St James Centre to well, impulse buy a Blackberry. But then he took me to Wannaburger. I had no idea it was there until he took me. Although, I've never been down Queensferry Street! 

Uhm yeah. Not your typical American diner. They should have those cool American red booths, and the music machine things!

They give you a wee pager to tell you when your order is ready. Personally, I think they should bring the food to the table, but I guess they'll have to up the wages for the staff!

A&W Root beer float! Damn amazing!

Stuart slurping his Pepsi float. Classy. 

Yeah I look like a right idiot. 

Chilli Burger and Cajun fries :D

Cajun Fries!

Om nom nom pickles!

Yeah not much to see. Just a burger! 

The place was alright. I did expect it to be more Americanised. However I wasn't disappointed. I do like how you go up to the counter to pay so if you're going with a group of people, it's easier to order separately! Not really much to this review. Next time I'm gonna order the pancakes!!! 
Oh yeah. The drinks, burger and fries came up to...£6.37
Chilli Burger: £3.45
Cajun Fries: £1.55
Root Beer Float: £2.50

I'm aware it adds up to £7.50 but they do 15% STUDENT DISCOUNT! Boom! Worth going just for the discount ;)!

So yeah, head on down to 7/8 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh
Visit their website here:

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