Morning hello :)

Good Morning Beautiful :)
It's Sunday and I have nothing to do! The next 5 months is going to be fun...not. I'll be spending 2 weeks from the 3rd May in Newcastle. Going to spend time with the 'rents and the dog. Sad thing is, when I leave to go back to Edinburgh on the 17th, my sister is going back to Newcastle. So I will just miss her. *Sad Times*. 
The rent's came to Edinburgh to visit me because they had a day off and wanted to go somewhere. Not because they missed me :P! Ha. We went to Glasgow for a few hours and spent some time in Edinburgh. 
Norman (Step-Dadish) and Mother 
White faces. Stupid flash.
So yeah. They came. We went around Glasgow. Got some munch. Came back to Edinburgh. Walked around. Got more munch at Browns. Walked around. And they went home. They decided they had to leave me for the Dog. Because the Dog was at home and would miss them...even though the neighbours were looking after her. Pffffft right?! 
So, after the 2 weeks at home. I'll be staying in Edinburgh for another 2 weeks. Then I head off to Liverpool with the flatmate! Her home town. They have an Eddie Rockets there! Nom! 
Then after that I go back to Newcastle. Then I decide where I want to go. I haven't bought tickets back to Edinburgh yet. I might end up staying the whole summer. Depends on how things go with people in Edinburgh. Staying at home for the rest of the summer sounds like a better plan, I'm totally out of money, and I wanna work at my Aunts, if she gives me a job. Which I hope she does!! =D

I'm bored of writing now. So.



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