Newcastle so far :)

Hello ^_^
Being home is good :)! But I'm starting to miss a few people. They all know who they are, or at least I hope they do. It's currently 1am. I'm talking to someone lovely. I've had way too much caffeine and Coca cola, so I'm rather buzzing! I've met up with some lovely people so far. It's been really nice catching up with them. I arrived on Tuesday. I didn't do much that day. Nothing at all actually. Possibly watched TV and might have fallen asleep at some point. 
Next day, met up with Lifon, a close friend of mine. We went to visit our old school, saw a handful of people who I've kept in touch with. What's weird is that the teachers I've kept in touch with never taught me! Or at least I don't think they did...! Anyways, it was lovely saying a cheeky hello to them, instead of via facebook :). 
After, went to my Aunts pub. She offered me a job for next week. I work 4 shifts. Each 4 hours. Thing is I've never pulled pints before or made drinks. So I went and "trained" for an hour and a half. It was so hard. I totally suck at pulling pints. I have no confidence in myself what so ever! ¬.¬! Next week is going to be hell, but I'm thinking of the money. 

The Lifmister. And I =D! 
Hm yes. We then went back yo my house and played Crash Bandicoot for ages. Or should I say. He did. I sucked at it big time. I kept dying :(! 

This is Adam. :) Wee buddy of mine. He's awesome. If a little bit hyper, like all the time. And like, way too tall!! He dragged me round in the rain >_< Doh! 
Anyways, after meeting Adam I met with my bestie, Shona :). We went for dinner at Frankie and Bennies. Like usual I like to take photos :)

Bruschetta for starters. Amazing stuff! I could eat this all day. 

Spaghetti marinara! it was very fishy =) and I didn't even eat half. It was huge. 

White chocolate brownie sunday :) I didn't finish this either! But it was good. However extremely sickly!
The best thing we had though? 
Yes that's me. 

Strawberry Shortcake Cocktails! They were amazing! Damn I could have just had a million of these. 
We then went to Bar Banantyne. Lovely little bar. 

Shona and I :). I was in casual clothes...I was out earlier in the day. She had just come from work :). 

Went to a cafe with the mum the next day. Had the biggest peach melba ever!! 

Uhm. Yes that is all :) 
Much love ♥


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