Weekend ♥

Hello :]
I had such an amazing weekend. Tom came to visit. Bit of a surprise! I wasn't expecting him to say he was visiting since I'll be back to see him on Tuesday. To start with, it was going to be a surprise. He actually contacted my mother via Facebook to ask her permission. She agreed to it. But sadly, my mum doesn't check Facebook often, and she was slow in replying so he ended up telling me. Adorable :)!
So yeah. He made Gamjajeon. Korean style pancakes! With Cho Ganjang for dipping. 

Mmm! It was sooo good! He also decided to make a huge one with cheese on top. The cheese went well with it! It tasted so much better the next day :)! 

We went to get ice cream at Marble Slab :) Mmm! I didn't know what to get so he said to get everything pink...! Bubblegum. Candy Floss. And Strawberry with hundreds and thousands :). It was sickly!


AWESOME machine! But hard! It was £1 a go! Might as well go buy one =)

Mmm his Dutch coffee. The chocolate powder kinda exploded onto it. Oops!

My iced caramel mocha =) mmmm! 

Bit excited are we ;)

Mmm my chocoholic =)

Mmmmm nom =) Coffee Trader is awesome

Yeahhhh. Being idiots is fun =]! 

So yeah. This happened between Friday-Sunday. =). He met my best friend Shona. Then ended up watching the Eurovision at hers with lots of food! =]. Sadly UK didn't win. We did get 100 points though! And sadly Jedward beat us! WHAT!? Got to admit, Jedward were good on the night. 
Did other stuff. But reeeeeaaaly can't be bothered right now
Blah. Bored of blogging for now. 


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