Mow Mow Mow Nyaaaaan cat!

Nyan cat ^_^! Mow!
Okay. I haven't blogged in a while and I have quite a bit to update. So, I've been looking for a full time summer job. I've sent out CV's everywhere and got 4 interviews. My CV is absolutely ridiculous, and my interview skills are awful. I did manage to get a trial at a restaurant called Chop Chop. It's  a two week paid trial. And after the two weeks, she will decide on whether to keep me on or not. I hope she will. I had my first night on the 31st May. It went fine. The restaurant is busy! they were shown on Gordon Ramsey's F Word so there are a lot of locals and tourists visiting. However, I kept my cool, and made no mistakes (or I think i didn't...she didn't say anything). The system they use is so confusing! Basically, table numbers go from 3-8 then A-G then 13, 14,15,16a, 16b, 17, 18...! I learnt everything pretty quick, I just hope I remember everything. I might keep the job while I'm back at university too, part time of course.

I've recently gotten into a new hobby, thanks to my boyfriend, Tom. I was scared at first as I don't really like heights and the whole falling part of climbing. It took me about an hour to start a route the first time. I'm a huge wimp really =]! I'm getting the hang of it! Photo time :)

I also went to Liverpools for 6 days :)! Twas hard to get used to the Scouse accent! Had a few days sight seeing. My favourite part of the trip was going on the Ferry, across the Mersey!

That and meeting Helina's Nan! 

And how can I forget, meeting this fluff ball

Celebrated Helina's 21st on the Sunday. About 2 months early haha :)! And they came out with a wee cake for me...embarrassed. The cake came out for Helina, and then they started singing again, I joined in with the singing cos I thought her cousin had turned up without me knowing! >.<! It was a lovely surprise :)! 

Over and out :) x


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