Asian Food Stuffs

So recently I've been working at Chop Chop and came across something I had when I was a child and used to adore the stuff. Chinese Black Fungus/Cloud Ear Fungus (Auricularia polytricha). According to wikipedia it's an edible jelly fungus. I adore this stuff. It comes dried, but it needs to be soaked before cooking. It has a natural crunchy texture. But the way work makes it is delicious! It brings me back to being a child. I was brought up in a full on Chinese family up until the age of 7. After 7, my mum moved away from my dad and then we kinda, adapted to the English culture...because it was better :) in my opinion. Ha. 

Mmmm crunchy goodness :D!

The other food I came across in a Dim Sum book Tom showed me. It's called Fat Choy. Basically hair moss. I love this stuff. My grandma made soup with it. I never knew what it was but now I do and I am pretty grossed out. Fat choy is terrestrial cyanobacteria! (Nostoc flagelliforme). If I weren't studying science, I wouldn't be so grossed out.


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