Birthday Idea

If anyone is reading this and doesn't know what to buy me for my birthday. Please buy me a HTC Desire. Don't care which. S or Z. Or whatever. I just want one. Or money towards it thank you. :)
Just joking. Wow that would have been really cheeky! 

But I do want on. I'm thinking of saving the next 3 weeks wages for a HTC Desire Z! It's £299 on Amazon. Or maybe I'll get the Desire S. Which is £325.96. I can't decide. I told my mum I might get one, and for once she didn't shout at me. She asked for my Blackberry hahaha. No chance. It'll be my back up phone if I get the HTC :)

What a beauty! HTC Desire Z!
HTC Desire S
Arghhh cannot decide =]!!!


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