Birthday Weekend

So my 21st birthday was this weekend. I remember when birthdays used to be exciting as a child! It's not the same when you grow up, they just seem like any other day. I had a super time though. It's still not over, tonight I'll be celebrating with friends. My Mum and sister came to Edinburgh on Thursday. Sadly I had to work, so we didn't do anything then. 
On the Friday, we started off at a tea room called Loopy Lorna's. We had a big pot of Morning tea and some scones. 

I took them both to the Botanical Gardens. We literally spent the whole day there, I'm not sure how exactly. I got a bit bored, however I don't think they did, which is the main priority. 

Later in the evening we went to Chop Chop with Tom for some food. Going to the place I work to eat is rather fun. You get looked after as if you're celebrities :). We basically ordered the banquet for 4. It's £18.50 per person, so it's pretty hefty. We got a few extra dishes from the chef. 

And at the end, waiting for the cake, the whole team that was working that night ,except one girl, not the whole team haha, came out with the cake and also an extra pudding! Sugar string pancakes and peanut dumplings :)

When we arrived at the table, they set it up with candles and cards :) 
It was really lovely :)! 

Saturday, my birthday, I went climbing in the morning. My mum and sister tagged along to take photos. 
Ignore the fact that my awful underwear is showing in the top photo! 
Here's a few of chu! Can't wait until I get the confidence to climb like him!
Just thought I'd add him to this blog post too :)

After climbing we went to Illegal Jacks. It was awesome like usual. I got my mum and sister the smaller burrito as the normal ones are huge. I also got the smaller version. They made Tom's really big!
His face when he got the huge burrito :)! They like him a lot, as he talks to the staff and is just generally nice to them. 

Look at the concentration on their faces as they unwind the silver foil! Our asian poses are classic ^_^! Ah I love it. These two make me laugh so so much :)

In the evening my family, and Tom's family had dinner in a restaurant called "The Clay Oven". I don't have many pictures of this evening but I'm sure my mother and sister do, and once they send me them, I shall blog them :)

Not writing much as pictures show more than words do :)! I had a good time, and the food was awesome! I love this curry place! Most places I go to, the curry is full of oil. This place it pretty decent. Sadly I didn't get many photo's of this night, I wish I did! 

That was it on my actual Birthday. It was a good family day. I know many people will celebrate their 21st's differently to me. But it's just the way I want to celebrate it. I'd rather not get drunk out of my skull :)! 

On the Sunday, I celebrated with friends. A random mixture of people came! I had people from uni, who I absolutely love. The main people who I wanted to be there came. Friends of Tom's came too, although I could say they are my friends too, but I guess I'll leave that to time :)! And some other people I know from twitter came and they invited some of their friends. Overall it was quite a quiet evening, with a few drinks. I did have fun and a good bit of chit chatter. I didn't get any photo's!! I left my SD card in my laptop and the camera ran out of memory! Doh!

Next post will be about presents :)


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