Ridiculously happy these few days :). It possibly has to do with moving out of the other flat and starting a new life ^_^!. I'll miss the old one, however this is far much better for me.
So, Eleni made my first day very welcome. She cooked for me on the day I moved in, I forgot to take a photo. She made some sort of tomato mince dish served with salad, pitta bread and yoghurt.
The next day, she made roast beef marinated in Guiness! And also made Guiness cupcakes. How awesome?!

Black mix! I think she put food colouring in because Guiness is brown :)

She didn't have a cupcake tray! So had to use ramekins! They tasted awesome! 

The beef marinating in the awesome marinade! 

After :) Mmm! 

She made mashed potato, but with instant mash. It wasn't that bad! I actually couldn't tell the difference between instant and normal mashed potatoes! Safe to safe it won't become a habit, I prefer to make it from scratch :)

Presentation is pretty awesome. All that's missing is some vegetables like green beans or something of the likes. 

Wee candle lit dinner for two...^_^
My cupcakes :)

Ramen! Not had Gung ji mein in ageeeees!

That's it for now :)


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