Cooking after 2 months of not cooking!!

So, I cooked for the first time in 2 months yesterday. I just can't justify cooking any more. The end of my tenancy is soon, and I just can't bring myself to buy myself ingredients to cook. I've been eating out and eating a whole lot of junk food for the past 2 months and I'm going to end up fat! I did manage to cook yesterday, made myself and Tom some Spaghetti Bolognese because I was pretty sick of eating junk. Although to be fair, the portions I made were enough to feed a family for 4, it felt good to eat something home cooked!

Mine on the left. His on the right. Added cheese on top too...Oh well, it had veggies in it, so I guess it's kinda good for ya ;)

Half each of our portions and include this, possibly could feed a family of four or more! 

Feeling a bit run down, think I'm catching something. There's been a bug going around lately. Everyone has been complaining of being ill. And now I think I'm coming down with something. Extremely sleepy, and heavy headed. Or it could be due to the healing up of my muscles from climbing. Went climbing on Saturday day before work in the evening. Been about a month since the last climbing session, and obviously over used my muscles. There's one route, which is only a level 0 that I cannot do! I was one away from reaching the top, then I lost my grip, and well, began to fall. 
Fell from the same one 5 mins before that attempt, and it gave me a mini heart attack. Tried a level 1 route, managed the top, however, on my way down, I lost energy, and well, hung on for dear life. Not sure why when I know I won't get hurt if I jump off. 

Hopefully will be getting my own climbing shoes for my birthday :). I never knew I'd enjoy this hobby, I'm scared of heights, however this isn't too bad. However, this is the place without harnesses. I think if I went to the one with harnesses, I'd crap my pants. 

Getting man hands!! 


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