Do you remember a few months back when I received my Anthony Nolan saliva kit? 
This is the direct link: Bone Marrow. Sadly the photo have disappeared from there, so I'll upload them here :)

Well I sent this off at the end of February, and they had to tissue type me. And basically it's taken almost 4 months and now, I have just found out I can be a donor. I am now on the Anthony Nolan Register. Therefore I can be called up at anytime. 

So now I am an organ donor (Donating Everything), Blood donor and now a Bone marrow donor. 

I'm glad I have something to show for saving lives. 
I don't have to give reasons why I want to do things like this but I will anyways. In my eyes, the other person is suffering more. What have I to lose? Whereas the other person has a lot of lose. If I were in that persons position, I would want someone to step up and donate for me. Organ donation is different. If I'm dead, then there is no use for my organs. However, I do hope that surgeons only take what they need when I'm dead, and not on life support...etc. If you get me. I want to be 100% dead before they take my things :)

Blood donation, donating a pint of blood is nothing! You get that back really quickly. If I needed a blood transfusion, I'd need donors blood. So therefore, if I am so quickly to receive blood, then I should be able to donate. Even though I am scared of needles! >.<! The last donation hurt. 

Bone marrow donation. This goes without question. There are two ways to donate. One is to drill directly into the bone. The other is by a machine. They inject you with something to release things into the blood. And then you're hooked up to a machine like a platelet machine. I don't mind doing either. Because, if I'm being drilled into, I'll be asleep, and I'll only feel the pain afterwards. And the same again, if I had leukaemia then I would want a donor. You hear a lot of people who die from leukaemia. There was a little boy called Rhys Grundy who made it to secondary school after years of battling leukaemia, but lost the battle when he was around 12.  I've completed the great north run for children with leukaemia. Bone marrow donation is the next step into helping save these children's and adults lives! 

I try my best to help people who need it. I'm not the best person in the world. I have my faults. I may not be a nice person to be with, or a nice person to know. But doing this makes me feel much better about myself. 

I guess that's all.


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