:) Exciting week :)

So the up coming week is going to be good :). My birthday is at the end of it. I haven't been this excited for a birthday in years. Also never spent my birthday in Edinburgh before. I kind of feel "grown up" (This will never happen ;)) because my family are visiting me here instead of me going back home. So originally it was going to me my mother and sister visiting for the weekend. Then Norman (Step-Dad) decided he wanted to come too. And today I got a text from my "Aunty" and she said she plans on coming up too for the evening! 
So I found out my rota, and I'm only working 2 lunch shifts and 2 evening shifts next week. However working the day my mother and sister arrive, so they both shall be going around on their own until I finish work which is a shame, but I do need the pounds. 

So I went climbing today. I was so proud of myself. The past two times I went, I could do one route. It was a level 0 but it was an overhang. Had trouble lifting my own weight to get to the end of the route. However, today I managed to do it! I was so proud when I did :). Going to feel the brunt of it in the morning. Next aim is to finish the level 3 pink spots incline :)! I can get half way, then I swing back and boom, fall. 
Had an injury today. Well it's not really an injury. Bit of skin came off my hand. Ew. Flapper!
Arghhh, hurt like a bitch. Also got a few scrapes on my knees and fingers :)! 

Taped up and back for more climbing :)

So I cooked a few nights ago, Tom cooked for me the other night. He made tartiflette. Mmm it was good! It was the first dish he ever made me a few months back :)
Ignore the cooker, it's filthy. Thing is, it was cleaned the day before. His lazy flatmate made that mess! In a day ><!

mmm olives


More potato ;)



Before again :D

After :D

MUSH but good mush :)

That's it for today :)
Much Love


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