Since all of my photo's have gone, and I now can't be bothered re-adding them to every single post I've decided to post some food pictures. If you don't know me, my life basically revolves around food. And if I get no food or bad food I become grumpy. So here we go :)
Something I made while in Aberdeen. I added a tonne of chilli, chicken and vegetables. Underneath was brown rice I think. I liked this, but that small bowl wasn't enough!

One of my favourite meals I've cooked. Sweet potato mash on the bottom, with roasted potatoes, green beans, steak and onion gravy. 

Rather large ceaser salad! I liked this, but salads don't fill me 

Some curry dish I made. This was in first year (2008) so I can't quite remember, the rice was rather

Fruit with pancakes :) 

Something else I made in Aberdeen. Lots of greens stirfried with chicken. 

Stir fry noodles 

Fish and chips

Steak :)

Mmm Oysters!

Falafal :)

Mmm Veggie chilli made with quorn mince

Garlic chicken with carrots 

Cheeeeeesy pasta

Coco Cola Pork! 

White fish with greeeeens

Jook. Aka Congee

Fish with rice

:D eggs on an English muffin


Nooooodles Ramen

Red Thai Curry!

Same again Mmm 


My favourite soup! Carrot and Coriander

Mince? Maybe Spag Bol...

Museli and green tea

Om nom nom cake

Coronation Chicken baked potato :)


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