Good Summer's Day

Rare weekend! We had sun! Not just a little bit of sun, but a lot of sun! So Tom and I decided to host a little BBQ with a few close friends. It was a good day. We spent £40 on 4 disposable BBQ's, meat, drinks...etc! Also other people bought a lot of stuff too. We ended up throwing some stuff out and giving some stuff away. But it was an epic day. One of my favourite days of 2011. As usual, photo time :)

Preparing to barbe! 

I love this photo. I don't know why I do but I just do. My eye looks rather squished though. 

loads of food for 6 people!! Pork loins were my favourite. So were the seasoned steaks.

Typical man :) looking after the BBQ. 

It's Ev. Someone I work with. Lovely guy! 

Aleksandra :) one of Tom's best friends. She's absolutely lovely. 

Flipping the a bowss! 

Mmm I had half of one :)


Bye Bye. Had to leave them there. Felt a bit bad leaving them, but they were just too hot to carry! Also someone said there was gonna be someone in the night picking them all up. 

After the BBQ 3 of us went to shoot zombies. I was rubbish. But it was a whole lot of fun! Kataaaaanaaaa! I didn't use one cos I suck. 

After Twitch, Tom and I discovered some awesome ice cream parlour! Look at the size of mine compared to the size of his...he clearly wins.

LOL :) went to watch Transformers 3 yesterday (4th July). It was an epic film! Oh man, I was like a child in a candy store :)! Also, I didn't know Patrick Dempsey was in it, and when he came on, I almost jizzed in my pants :D! I didn't really. That term jizz is awful. Contemplating deleting it, but I'll keep it in :)! Evil Patrick Dempsey...seriously, hot stuff!! 
Oh and does Tom look like any one familiar ;)? Ahaaa :)

Had some pizza with Tom and his sister! Nom Nom. Spend £30 and get £10 off. I now feel fat!! 

Large veggie supreme with cheesy bites. 2 boxes of wedges and 2 chicken strips and warm cookie dough  and ice cream :) mmm! Oh and a bottle of Pepsi max :) Then after, I somehow fell asleep on his sofa. 

Happy Happy Happy :)!
Fat Fat Fat :)

Goodbyeeee :)

Kelly x


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