Late Night Blog Update :)

So right now, it's 1am and I realise that it's Monday and therefore 5 days until my birthday :)! Only 3 days until my mother and sister arrive. It's kind of gutting I have to work on the day they arrive, but I really need the money as this week I'm only doing 4 shifts. Two lunch ones and two evenings. Which equal to around 12 hours. Possibly 10 hours if it's not busy. So only getting around £60. Which, well to be quite honest is rubbish. 

Yesterday, well today, well...I haven't slept yet, so Sunday :), I went to Go Outdoors to try on some new climbing shoes. Tom is getting them for me for my birthday which I am thankful for, because now I can mould them to my feet and climb better (I do suck at it). I'm not allowed them until my birthday though. I plan on climbing on the morning of my birthday for about two hours. My aim is to complete the route I started! It's a level 3, so I may make it, or may not! 

So, birthday plan is to go to The Clay Oven which is right underneath where I live! It's my favourite curry house in Edinburgh. Doesn't beat the one back home in Ponteland though. However it will do. There's going to be 9 of us. I have no idea how the bill is gonna work at the end of it! Hopefully there won't be any fighting or arguments. My part better get paid ;)! 

I'm really curious to what my presents will be. Since it's my 21st. I kinda hope they'll be good, but don't want to get my hopes up too high because I know I will be let down. Usually I get clothes, chocolate for my birthday. Hopefully it's different this time, don't want it to be as rubbish like Christmas. I don't like asking for things, because usually I don't know what I want, so Saturday shall be interesting :)!

So for now, it's 1:10am, and I am shattered and smelly from work. Time for a quick hot shower and then under the covers for a good nights sleep :). Alarm is going off, phone going on silent, and I hope I wake up naturally and not buy sudden loud noises :)! Also hope I don't lie in for too long...^_^! 

Oh I'm also thinking of getting my own blog domain. I think that's what you call it? Instead of having it'll be something like, can't have cos someone has it :(. Or maybe something cooler...I haven't got a clue what though. I'll need some computer geeks help for it though! =D!

And now, Goodbye and Goodnight :)


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