Hello :)
So today, well yesterday I packed all my belongings and moved! Not to my new flat but staying in Eleni's for a month until we move together. It' kinda weird sleeping in a new bed. I hate the feeling because I really miss the other bed as it was really comfy!
Not really sure how we're gonna get our stuff to the new flat in August. Need to get my mum to come up to help me, but if she can't, then we'll probably have to get a moving van! Which kinda sucks because they're so expensive! So hoping the mother will come and help out!

So, at the end of this month, I'll be able to afford a HTC Desire Z...I don't know why I really want one. I just do. I like gadgets. :)! I have money saved up and some money coming in soon. Plus my birthday money. So. I should be fine :)! Yay!

Bed for me :)
Bonne Nuit


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